ERP Solutions for Modern Poultry Needs

ERP from the market leaders that takes care of production, sales and supply chain requirements of companies breeding, hatching, rearing and processing poultry.

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Poultry Industry Deserves Better Technology

With an experience of over 3,00,000 manhours in the poultry industry, PoultryNxT ERP is tightly integrated across various functions and operations so as to provide updated information enabling informed and enhanced decision making capability to the decision maker.

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  • Key insights include Cost of production per Egg / Chick/ Broiler Bird / Feed

  • Production Performance of each unit i.e. Brooding & Growing, Laying, Hatchery, Commercial Farms

  • Get key details like Mortality Percentage, Feed consumption per bird, Depletion Percentage, HE Percentage, Hatch Percentage, FCR, EEF, etc. on any given date


Our systems give management the complete visibility and analysis of current production and future estimation by enabling the farm staff to Track/ schedule animal vaccination, Find Body weight gain, Controlling diseases, Finding sexing errors, Feed scheduling along with all the other benefits of Poultry ERP.

This is a full-featured module for the breeders to manage Layers & Broilers effectively & efficiently

This solution provides Layer & Broiler Farm owners to achieve good overall bird performance from day one.

This solution for Hatcheries is a seamless management system for effective decision-making.

Feed is one of major expenses for any poultry operation that needs to be monitered continuously

Provides cost of production of various saleable items by integrating purchase and expenses

Consolidate and streamline core human resources & payroll processes with a cloud-based, global solution for the total workforce.

Finance, Sales, Purchase & Inventory supported by appropriate monitoring systems is the key to growth and success.

Enjoy easy access to information with the mobile app wherever you are, anytime of the day or night.

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PoultryNxT is an ideal solution for data analysis, automation and full-scale infrastructure integration. Here are a few core capabilities CW offers.

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Cloud Based ERP

PoultryNxT is based on robust & secure cloud computing infrastructure which is available whenever & wherever you need it.

  • All your key data available at your finger tips. Always.

  • Built on robust cloud computing technologies that are secure & fast

360° Analytics

PoultryNxT comes with industry proven ERP best practices, pre-built dashboards, reports, and metrics

  • Leverage a large library of pre-built reports, dashboards, and decision-ready metrics that span multiple business functions
  • Analyze current and historical data to plan for tomorrow, Anticipate and Shape Future Outcomes.

Built to scale

PoultryNxT is built to scale. From Utilization perspective to a scalable platform which can scale the number of users working on the ERP and from the functionality perspective. We have got you covered.

  • We grow as your business grows. All this with maximum efficiency.

Solving the industries biggest problems

Overcome decision dilemmas with PoultryNxT as it helps you in keeping the Overall Rising Costs under control

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